Episode 15: Listen to Us Watch!: Super Mario Bros The Movie

March 14, 2015

Listen to Us Watch! Super Mario Bros The Movie!

That's right! Frankie, Jim and Dave sit down to do the first ever installment of Listen to Us Watch! This episode, Super Mario Bros The Movie. Coming out in 1993, Super Mario Bros is the tale of a English Mario and Latino Luigi who attempt to fix pipes in Brooklyn, NY and never seem to get a job. They then find themselves in a fever dream of bad decisions and desperation as they try to kill King Koopa, who tells them that if they drop below 50 miles per hour, then the princess will explode!!! 
This is a comedy commentary track. It is intended to be watched with Super Mario Bros The Movie, but can still be enjoyed without syncing. The Full version of the film can be found here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGGS0YozIgk
To sync this track with the movie, Frankie will count 3, 2, 1, PLAY. As soon as he says PLAY, press PLAY on the entertainment device of your choice. This should sync Movie with Track. This is also explained at the beginning of the episode. 
TECHNICAL NOTE!!! in part of the episode we say that you should go check out SMBArchive.com. THIS IS NOT CORRECT!!! The Actual website is SMBmovie.com. Don't always trust imdb.com
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