Episode 29 - Four Girls One Ghost

May 22, 2016

Let the Mass Hysteria fill your ear holes as Frankie, Jim and Dave talk about the new Ghostbusters trailer! They also touch on the subjects of Reboots and Remakes while Frankie tires to figure out why Jim got bummed with the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer.

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Episode 28 - Casting All Pods

May 8, 2016

The prophecy has been fulfilled!!! It's time for a new episode!!! Frankie and Dave (sans Jim) sit down to talk about How They're Doin, Power Rangers, and touch Nintendo. 

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Episode 27 - Going Deep with Erik Peabody!

April 2, 2016

On this weeks episode Frankie and Dave are joined by Erik Peabody of Viking Guitar. We talk about music, video game music, starting bands and have a general bro-out about Surf Music. Thanks to Erik for being the first ever GUEST on the pod!

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Photo by: La Vie En Photos

Episode 26 - Speed Run The Podcast!

February 28, 2016

The Battery is low.....and the guys only have one choice...SPEED RUN THE PODCAST!

In this new episode, Jim does a lot of nothing, Frankie is trying to fix is guitar amp and plays a lot of Rocket League, and Dave returns from MAGfest. Which is what we spend a good quarter portion on. 
This episode contains music from The Aquabats - "Ska Robot Army" and Suburban Legends "Under The Sea". (Funny side note, these two bands play a show together in SLO that was awesome!)
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Episode 25: Referenceception

January 30, 2016
It's the first episode of 2016!!!! And SENPAI HAS TOTALLY NOTICED US!

Frankie, Jim and Dave return from a long holiday break. Frankie went to Florida for 12 days. Jim spent his time with family and his girlfriend (ooooOOOOoooo) and Dave celebrated the New Years in the middle of December. 

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Episode 24: PriestCAST

November 15, 2015

Mass Hysteria is BACK!!!! This episode was recorded in our practice space, so you can hear the other bands practicing in the background. We are sorry if it causes any kind of distraction. Anywho, We are back, catching you all up with out goings on.....but then it turns into a love fest for the Judas Priest concert that we all attended in Paso Robles. 

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Episode 23: Audio F**kery!

September 19, 2015

A new episode of the Mass Hysteria Podcast is ready for your ear holes. Frankie talks about Super Mario Maker, Dave tells us Konami is stopping making games and Jim doesn't listen to podcasts.

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Episode 22: Tangent Masters 5000

August 22, 2015

YES!!! A brand new episode of the Mass Hysteria Podcast! This episode is a complete tangent. They all talk about the Roller Derby gig they just played and how awesome it was. Frankie is excited to Summerslam this weekend and tries to talk about the movie "Pixels", which prompts Jim to respond with D&D talk. Also, Dave brings the butt stuff. 

This episode was recorded using GoPros, and the video will be uploaded sometime on Monday, AUGUST 24 on youtube.com/coolguyproductions
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Episode 21: Way Way Outside Comicon!

July 18, 2015

YAY NEW EPISODE!!!! Frankie, Jim and Dave talk about Comicon. Frankie gets super excited for "Ash vs Evil Dead", Dave wonders about sexy singles, and Jim talks about a awesome metal show he saw a few weekends ago. The boys also talk about Satoru Iwata.

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Episode 20: The Podcast Music Awards…About Nothing!

July 4, 2015

MERICA!!!!!! Today, we celebrate our Independence Day.....and the newest episode of the Mass Hysteria Podcast!!!! Frankie, Dave, and Jim sit around and "see where the flow takes them" because Frankie didn't plan any notes for the show. Frankie tosses out songs to Jim to add the word "Podcast" into and they try to have a chat about "Ted 2", which spirals into several different tangents! Also, it wouldn't be a podcast without Jim talking about "Mad Max" or "Henti"!

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