Episode 19: It’s a E with a 3 After It!

June 20, 2015

Its time for another awesome episode of the Mass Hysteria Podcast!!!! Frankie brings up E3, a yearly gaming trade show and "Jim's Hate Train" runs all over it! Dave give the full rundown on the Playstation side of E3 because Frankie hasn't cared about playstation since the ps2 and dance dance revolution. At one point Frankie and Dave try to get Jim to join the future, and there is a random movie review of "Jurassic World" in there somewhere. SPOILERS!!! This episode is awesome!!!

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Episode 18: Henti and Star Wars!!!

June 7, 2015

It's time to fill those ear holes with a new episode of the Mass Hysteria podcast!!! Dave and Jim bring back experiences from FanimeCon!!! They talk about the sights and sounds of the Henti Room and what they did at the "after party". Frankie wasn't doing to much, just video editing. Frankie brings up Star Wars, which prompts and awesome debate about the new Star Wars trailer and a the episode turns into STAR WARS: The Phantom Podcast!

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Episode 17: It’s Been A Long Time…

May 9, 2015

It's now time for a new episode of the mass hysteria podcast!!!

In this episode we catch up with the guys after a month long break. Frankie talks about getting ready for the KOOPA-tino gig and his love for Mortal Kombat X. Dave talks about what it's like to not be high at the RENFAIR, and Jim talks about all the other bands and gigs he had in April. We also talk about the KOOPA-tino (Cupertino) gig and what it was like to be playing with such awesome bands!
Then, we go on to spoil everything about The Avengers: Age of Ultron. THIS IS YOUR WARNING!!! If you have yet to see this movie, we do talk about plot points, our favorite moments, and a little bit about the ending! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
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May 5, 2015
***PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded back in FEBRUARY. This episode had to be re-uploaded due to some reported glitchy areas in the podcast. THIS IS NOT A NEW EPISODE. The areas have been fixed for better quality*** 

Frankie, Jim and Dave went to ROCKAGE in San Jose and it was AMAZING!!! They talk about all the bands they got to see and all the games and merch they got to play and buy! Frankie and Jim go all fanboy crush on Bit Brigade, Dave explains how awesome Mega Ran and Danimal Cannon are and everyone got to hear just how awesome Curious Quail is!!! This podcast has a lot of music in it, so your ear holes are in for an awesome experience! Sit back, relax and let the Mass Hysteria take control of your mind!

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Episode 16: WrestleFest-A-Polooza 2

March 28, 2015


Frankie, Jim, Johnny and Dave gather for the only wrestlepodcast that matters! This episode, they honor those who have brought greatness to the industry of professional wrestling with the very first WrestleFest-A-Polooza HALL OF FAME, give predictions on Wrestlemania matches, and Frankie admits that he wants Brock Lesnar to walk out Champ!
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Episode 15: Listen to Us Watch!: Super Mario Bros The Movie

March 14, 2015

Listen to Us Watch! Super Mario Bros The Movie!

That's right! Frankie, Jim and Dave sit down to do the first ever installment of Listen to Us Watch! This episode, Super Mario Bros The Movie. Coming out in 1993, Super Mario Bros is the tale of a English Mario and Latino Luigi who attempt to fix pipes in Brooklyn, NY and never seem to get a job. They then find themselves in a fever dream of bad decisions and desperation as they try to kill King Koopa, who tells them that if they drop below 50 miles per hour, then the princess will explode!!! 
This is a comedy commentary track. It is intended to be watched with Super Mario Bros The Movie, but can still be enjoyed without syncing. The Full version of the film can be found here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGGS0YozIgk
To sync this track with the movie, Frankie will count 3, 2, 1, PLAY. As soon as he says PLAY, press PLAY on the entertainment device of your choice. This should sync Movie with Track. This is also explained at the beginning of the episode. 
TECHNICAL NOTE!!! in part of the episode we say that you should go check out SMBArchive.com. THIS IS NOT CORRECT!!! The Actual website is SMBmovie.com. Don't always trust imdb.com
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Episode 14: The Times They Are A Travelin!

February 28, 2015

It's a awesome new episode of the MHP!!! Frankie and Dave hold it down for this episode and talk about the 1 year passing of Harold Ramis and recent passing of Leonard Nimoy. They also talk about why Frankie has been thinking about Time Travel lately and MySpace is brought up. They then dive into a convo about the new fan film Power/Rangers. Johnny joins the last half of the podcast to talk about the netflix Legend of Zelda series and who they would cast and of course, when Frankie and Johnny are together.....Wrestling comes up! Time to pop this into your ear holes!

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Episode 12: The Aural of Travel

January 31, 2015

Oh the places we have gone!!! In today's episode, Frankie freaks out about how BAD the Royal Rumble was in a Post Rumble Review. Johnny commiserates with Frankie on the Rumble. Jim went to NAMM (The National Association of Music Merchants) and tells us who is the proud owner of a new Koopas CD. Dave also ventured to MAGFest and regales us with tails of Hotel Parties and Merch Slinging! 

As a side note, there will be a BONUS PODCAST next week as Frankie, Jim and Dave travel to ROCKage!
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Episode 11: WrestleRoyalRumbleMania

January 17, 2015

It's another exciting episode of the MASS HYSTERIA PODCAST!!! In this weeks episode, Frankie, Johnny, Jim and Dave talk everything ROYAL RUMBLE!!! They also talk about the current WWE product and why they feel it has been lacking in the writing department. They also reminisce about that time RoboCop came out to save Sting and how Glacier was just Sub Zero. Predictions are all the rage as the guys give their picks on who will win this years Royal Rumble and who will walk out the CHAMP!!! If you're a wrestling fan, then this is the episode for you!!!

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Episode 10: The 20ist of 14eens!!

January 4, 2015

Its a super impromptu podcast where Frankie, Jim, Dave and (joining later) Johnny talk about stuff that happened in 2014. Jim listened to a lot of awesome music, Dave centered himself, Frankie couldn't find his center and was really lazy, while Johnny talked about a bunch of dead stuff. All in all it was a great 2014, and now...INTO THE FUTURE!!!

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